Thursday, 11 April 2013

Aliens and Evolution

So a friend of mine sent me the below video to watch and wanted my opinion. I tried to post my reply on YouTube but it wouldn't let me.. So here is my reply:

Alien Reptilian Body Gaurd

Governments been working with a few difference species of ET's for years. It's all underground now but every renaissance painting has UFO's flying all over the place. When the Freemason sect and religious control drama for a dumb world population control was put in place for the next few hundred years (a few hundred years ago) it all went underground about how we're really controlled and governed. You just need to look at the NASCAR lines, pyramids, superfoods, tesla energy to prove we are controlled like sheep, influenced by ET's in the government and the mass depopulation plan is in effect. Have you seen the MONSANTO protection act Obama signed off the same time the gay rights was in uproar a few weeks ago? That was the smokescreen. The protection act allows Monsanto - the company who produce the worlds pesticides and now GMO food, to be protected from pursuit in future findings of health benefits that may arise proving unsafe. They can never be touched nor stopped now. Everything is linked. The more we understand, the more power we have against it all.

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