Monday, 4 March 2013


So I dreamt for 8 hours (felt like 24) that the world had ended ten years ago. The fight for survival was against the nasty creatures, animals and humans that had survived. I had a family to protect in between houses in the bush. There weren't many zombies if any but there was something we had to hide from constantly. We moved 4 times across the country when we finally saw a passenger jet taking off in the distance. The logo was like qantas but it was Chinese. All electricity ceased to work when the world as we knew it ended so to see a plane was pretty impressive, especially for my young kids who had never seen such a thing. As my dream came to an end, my family ran up to me to hug me goodbye. When I asked how would I see them again, they scribbled 341 with crayon on orange paper. "This is our dimension for when you want to come back".

My ENTJ girlfriend then responded when I told her with her own two crazy dreams. With me in them:

Omg u were the main person in at least 2 of my dreams! I think i slept for 10hrs. Still feel like i could sleep some more. I recorded mine. All but one. Shit i just looked and think i only recorded 2! Damn i hate that when u dream youre recording your dream!! Yes i recorded both the ones u were a lead in. 2nd one i made u a beautiful card with heaps of cool things u loved on it, & i bought u a beautiful big crystal chandelier to put inside it!

Holy shit our dreams werr really similar hey..the first one we were travelling round the world in a movie and 1 of the lead actors & his friend made a prank call to a lawyer. They said there had beens something horrible happen and 11350 people were killed by terrorist activity. We were out on a huge concrete oval in Iraq & saw 2 drones in the distance heading towards the city, just as theyd pretended a moment ago. They hit all the buildings around us and people were dying everywhere. I knew it was all happening with perfection & i knew we'd be fine so i was just watching all the confusion around us and with certainty let u guys know we'd be fine. Then a fighter jet with passengers flew over & a woman we were with yelled out "the engines out" a few times and then it crashed into the distance. I knew we wouldnt get hit but it was scary for a moment. When it craahed it looked like fireworks. I was staring at the beauty. Then we left Iraq and u were having no trouble picking up guys and i couldnt get one. I thought the lead actor was hot enough and he was always complaining of having no sex and i was there going hellooo!! I didnt wana be desperate so waited for him to make the 1st move. He finally did and i woke up. Also u had a mouse called Sparkles and u put her under a bench and picked something up. I went to get one and there were heaps of cochroaches there so i freaked out & u just got the spray n sprayed em. Then i remembered Sparkles was there b4. We started looking for her and couldnt find her. I was worried about her but u were more relaxed about it. I could handle drones and planes crashing around us but was worried about a mouse being ok. I took a leaf from your book and stopped worrying, it was ur mouse afterall lol

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