Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Words of a Child

When I was 3 I got a thick little square spiral notebook. With a pink plastic cover. Anyone who knows me will know I am obsessed with these types of notepads to this day, along with my multi colored all-in-one pens.

In this notebook, I wrote songs. I learnt to write & read from babysitter club books.

*World War*
When I was 7, I wrote a poem about the war.. About waiting for the postmans familiar jingle near your bomb shelter.. Waiting for a letter from dad, or word on him. He Bought Lollies on Christmas. I wrote about the feeling my mother expressed, the sounds of the sirens, the sights of destructions. I wrote from the eyes of a 7 yr old during the war. It was accurate and compelling, it was chosen as the young writers short story of the year for the state of WA and as read at Anzac day and remembrance day by surviving war Heroes, in Coolgardie in front of the entire town and school. I still have the world war 2 book and my letter of thank you from the defense force for such a deep and touching story. I remember the elderly men crying as they read it in front of everyone. I had a copy. But my mum threw it out. She never liked my writing.

I've never told anyone how I wrote it. I had help. From a girl that looked like me. In my dreams. Who was in the war. She told me her story. And as I would only write a paragraph each day, I would go to sleep and she would tell me the next part. No she was not a ghost, she was the energy. My own energy from that back. I also had another little girl, from Serbia, who gave me terrible vivid nightmares about what happened to her. One day I might share, but for now, she is safe in my soul, I will never betray her.

When I was 9, I got a phone call from a girl I hadn't been at school with in years (we moved around a lot) to say congratulations. My letter to Dooper dog (countries version of Saturday morning Disney etc) was chosen for the month, read out on tv to every household in WA - with children of course- and had won a massive prize pack. Skateboards, clothes, toys, vouchers, Lollies, you name it, I won it. I had totally forgotten I'd even done it. All I'd done, was written bout my animals and little brother and how much I loved living on a farm. My Labrador, Jack Russel, Budgies (i bred them) Guinea Pigs (also breeder) my Gosling and my horse.. It must have sounded good because I won. I wonder if I can find a copy on GWN's network archives. Thanks Dooper Dog!!

I was 10 years old when I discovered MnMs could make it look as if your nose was bleeding when red ones were licked and placed into each nostrils. It was fascinating. Fake blood from chocolate.. That I could eat after it had served t alternative purpose. It was a Great discovery. As to this day I am still fascinated with fake blood. I was enthralled with this multi-tool chocolate, I wrote a letter to the CEO of the MnM's company in Australia. I explained how if you licked the outside of red ones, then stuffed them up your nose for a few minutes, you could scare your family members into thinking you had a blood once. Amazin april fools prank.
The CEO wrote back. Thanking me for my unusual letter and appreciative of my love of red MnM's...
I counter replied... Adding that licking blue ones you could use them as lipstick!! I didn't hear back from them after that..

I still love MnMs...

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