Saturday, 19 January 2013

Shifting in the past..

ok prepare for some of our old talks.......

equations allow for a hope, a hope that my survival or prime instinct kicks in at some point, and addresses all these personally lifestyle problems i keep enduring........its a strange strange feeling knowing i waste my power of universal destiny in a way like no other, with the ability to create or annihilate, i have buzzing pulsing energy banks stored in my brain of powerful and wise words and life lessons and good feelings and love that i have felt lived breathed believed and learnt, and i know i can shift it, change it and manipulate it dependent on the amount of power i put into my thoughts,

i honestly think if i believed 100% that i had this energy at sufficent level inside me at my disposal i would abuse its powers.....right now i would .... for some reason that little voice gets louder now telling me to sit down and just go with the flow.....i dont know how much longer i can sit around waiting for my future to create itself....the hardest thing powerless to stop this...transition or critical point in my biology or something.....i cant stop doing stupid things......but im thinking about every stupid thing i do now and its alot more detrimental emotionally ......and more than ever have i really sat up and noticed ......and all of a sudden my intuition or my voice makes itself known and says leave it.....wait the time will come.......and i feel like sure ive made it so far in life and ive had fun and all that....but what impact do i make.....what energy am i leaving behind??? im telling you Becky this may sound crazy but i whole heartledy know that what happened between me and you was a cosmic energy kick that could only be absorbed by me presented in the reality of our demise and infidelity ....see i learned the universe dont care for fair or cheats,good and bad or the meaning only in only a sense "cares" about delivering the required energies .....and the required dosage at the required times........because the recipient...or the human / conduit is the only reason it appears and i think subconciously....our brains are always debugging with the trying to figure the universe out when all this time i didnt reaslise it was the universe trying to figure me merely but a fizz of our infinite power.....and you know what cool with that now :)

*For the latest description in video of an ENFP please view this short funny musical:

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