Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Dove Story

*Fount this in a notebook from earlier this year*

The Dove Story

Well we're here, we made it.
To the place our dreams combined, we created. Should have thought about what to do next, guess we didn't believe we'd actually pass the test.
But it's been the best, fears put to rest, now I sleep comfortably, head against your chest, listening softly to cassettes. No more mention of the threats that's been plaguing us since the day we met.

I'm happy, relaxed. Even though I still feel like I'm holding back, scared to progress, completely confess, how much I love you even though I sometimes don't show it.

Cuz I feel I'm not perfect for you and I don't wanna blow it. So everyday I sink deeper in myself, wondering why I put so much on the shelf.

When I should be giving it all to the man I love, who was sent from above; to my lover, my partner & my legal spouse... Insecurities from the past fill our house.. I'm so scared of thinking its real, fretting inside, a timid mouse. I'm waiting for the final push.. The Failure, the ending shove.

*Along with a Goal Plan in which i encouraged personal pride in achieving throughout the relationship.

*Just as I start to feel emotionally negative (sad) my best mate comes through with the goods..

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