Saturday, 15 December 2012

Male ENTJ vs. Female INTJ

well well well iv read the PDF It's amazing I think we a very similar to the study although I think we are much more developed then it to I find we are very open to our feelings and sensing and have no problems discussing them as I think we both like learning new things and discussing these areas which were not known completely (feeling. Sensing) we are gaining more knowledge on them which I belief is maybe an evolutionary trait that maybe our generation might have as the study was done on previous generations. Which doesn't mean I'm less of a thinker or extrovert and you less an introvert or intuition but I believe we are trying to seek out a logical explanation for our incredible feeling we have and connection in the unknown realm we have as having intellect of this knowledge is the most powerful especially as we live in a more and more negative to the reason why this has become possible I believe is the trust we have in each other to respect each other and I believe we went straight to a full trust level early in our relationship which was due to sensitive videos being exchange which has become a regular thing as this is the case it did not give us time to put up our usual or in my case my usual barriers and the vulnerability of each other has not been compromised or as the study says been used as a weapon against each other. Know our relationship has grown much more from this point I believe we have set a stable foundation and anything from now on will be learning with one another about each others personal boundaries and compromising on areas of grey as we Shown just last night about welcoming people into your and now I hope our home I believe our similar backgrounds have a resonating feel to our present states of mind and maybe explain our similar connection that I still can't justify to myself as logical but I want to keep utilising that area of unknown and maybe we can create something there beyond special even past that to the point of a new thesis in the scientific realm hey fuck mite even one day have an equation to work that connection out a bit far out but the way i feel with you is that anything is possible.... Xxxx.

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