Friday, 30 November 2012

Yesterdays Coincidences

On the way to work, I said out loud, I want to quit smoking. I get to work, there is a Quit Smoking Post Pack someone put on my desk. #Coincidenceoftheday

I urgently needed to talk to a colleague who was away down south. As I looked through my contacts I couldn't find his details. I put my phone in my pocket and then it started ringing. It was an unknown number and when I answered, it was the colleague I needed to talk to!! #Coincidenceoftheday

One of my staff members came to me for assistance to strategise an account. What I recommended was based on a customer I had serviced myself last year. When the strategising ended, we saw in the notes in was the exact same customer I was referring to all along  #Coincidenceoftheday

I was talking to a friend after a shopping trip showing her my things, she was mid sentence when she shut her eyes and said 'WOW'. I asked if she had a head spin, she said no, she looked into my eyes and saw a bright light coming from them. She shrugged it off and said 'weird'. Why is this a coincidence? Someone unrelated last week also said 'WOW' mid conversation claiming to have seen the brightest lights flash from within my eyes. #Coincidenceoftheday

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