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What is consciousness

Many philosophers consider experience to be the essence of consciousness, and believe that experience can only fully be known from the inside, subjectively. But if consciousness is subjective and not visible from the outside, why do the vast majority of people believe that other people are conscious, but rocks and trees are not? This is called the problem of other minds. It is particularly acute for people who believe in the possibility of philosophical zombies, that is, people who think it is possible in principle to have an entity that is physically indistinguishable from a human being and behaves like a human being in every way but nevertheless lacks consciousness. - Wikipedia

So how does my consciousness work?

INTJs’ dominant function is Introverted Intuition (Ni).
When INTJs express the need to “think about” something, this means something very different from what it might for other types. Namely, the lion’s share of INTJs’ “thinking” or processing occurs outside of their conscious awareness. In other words, their best thinking is typically done without thinking, at least not consciously.

Because it does much of its work subconsciously, Ni can seem to have a magical quality to it. In fact, it is not unusual for INJs, particularly INFJs, to be viewed as having some degree of psychic or prophetic abilities. Despite its magical appearance, Ni can be understood on a rational basis. What seems to be occurring is that INTJs have a highly sensitive inferior function, Extraverted Sensation (Se), which gathers copious amounts of sensory information from the outside world, including subtleties that other personality types tend to miss. Their Ni then subconsciously processes this data in order to make sense of it, like assembling pieces of a puzzle. Once finished, Ni generates an impression that seems to come “out of nowhere.” But the fact is that the intuition did not come from nowhere, but from a synthesis of sensory data gathered from the immediate environment combined with information from the INTJ’s own psyche.

Of all types, INTJs (and INFJs) are the most detached and disconnected from their own bodies.  INTJs commonly report being plagued by the sense that their body is not really a part of them.

Whats all this baloney about? I don't really know. I am lost, stuck. Immobile to the feeble minds that intensify hatred for myself via my intellect of the constant battle inside me that I never really wake up to, or from, because I never really sleep. The only time my mind perhaps slows down by even a percent is when I am fishing. Mind numbing and focused on a task that, in order to be completed properly, must attain at least 20% of the attention span. Which is a big break for my mind to only be running at 80% capacity. I miss fishing. I need to do it more. Heck I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. Autopilot for autonomy, the core behind evolution. My, where I stand the freedom from autonomy that I create is rarely enjoyed anywhere close for me to feel it. I am not worthy of such rewards. No sowing to reap. I am here to sow for others to reap. Actually, writing this has just reminded me of something I wrote in my most recent darkest days. Even that's going back 18 months or so. At the time I was intimidated from writing. Long story but now when I use that as excuse, I mentally slap one of me in my head. I am the controller of my destiny, my universe. I suppose its when being like that causes others to react against it, therefore making it easier to just.. be... Autonomous. 

And here it is, a few hours later I find the extract I was referring to:
2011: As I’d always believed in, we are only here till we have done our duties of bringing change for the better and positivity to the amount of souls allocated to us from birth. Once this is completed, we have fulfilled our destiny. That is why the good die young and the evil last longer. I’d come to the conclusion after great thinking, that, I had done my duty, and whilst I was still here naturally, It was because I was given the control in my mind to know when the decision is required. I knew and believed that was now. There is no other reason to depict the outlay of misfortune I believed was brought about by self karma or testing limits. I knew what needed to be done.

And to sign off, an INTJ problem commonly faced #54

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