Friday, 16 November 2012

Letter to my Guidance / Universal Messages

My psychic connection is going INSANE. I’m loving the messages and lessons.

My angel readings have produced 1/3 of the same cards two days in a row. Message implied was ‘Don’t hold onto the past and let it sabotage your future.’ (I’ve met a healer who treats me amazing!  - So I don't want to sabotage it)

Here is a Reading one night.

First Card - Immediate Past about the situation
Inner Power
Second Card - Present
Honoring your true feelings
Third Card - Best Possible Outcome.
Raising your standards

Here is another, similar messages.

First Card - Immediate Past about the situation
Breaking Free
Second Card - Present
Dreams Coming True
Third Card - Best Possible Outcome.
Happily Ever After

More Universal Messages: 
Then for example driving to Mandurah last night a song someone and I shared, came on and I saw it in a new light. Then I started thinking about another way we could work things out and be civil and went to grab my phone to call him… as I did an email came through from my landlord about a breach of parking for $1200. So I went on a sad streak venting in my car and called my landlord who confirmed it.

Afterwards I said to the universe that the message was obviously, ‘That If I entertain the thought to go back to him, it’s a lot more than $1200 I’m going to lose’ (which is very very true).

I thanked the universe for the message despite losing $1200 and said I understood it. I did not call him.

Almost as soon as I accepted the understanding, I re-read the email and this time is said I could ‘potentially’ be in breach and I haven’t actually be fined anything ;)

Thank you universe, once I had learnt the lesson and message, it rewarded me by removing the lesson in the first place.


It happens non stop all the time.. It’s like I’ve got the gift back that I asked my grandmother when I was 10 to release me of till I was older. And yesterday I also found an email from you that I had transcribed onto the first page of an Audrey Hepburn Diary about how I am meant to be getting the messages and to keep growing with awareness. 11th of November 2011. 

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