Thursday, 29 November 2012

A Friendly Coincidence

So I lost all data on my iPad and iPhone despite doing back ups. The crazy thing is all my contacts from over the past 8 years were restored. From all different accounts and SIM cards. I have no idea how but I thank the universe none the less. Im strengthening my psychic intuition and following the messages.

The other day (literally),a long way from home, in my old neighbourhood I was traffic lights and a beautiful dog. It was the same kind that my friend had until recently. (RIP BAHL) This friend I hadn't seen since in nearly two years and had over the years, the universe would always bring us back in contact.

When my phone restored the contacts, this friends old number appeared my screen during the day. Tonight I messaged. He wanted to know who it was. I asked who did he want it to be.. He responded with my name. Coincidence? Third one in a row.

We spoke at length and during the call discovered those lights where I was at last week, is where he has now moved to. And an article I had printed to send to someone on the latest physics theory (but couldn't think of who to send it to) was bought up in discussion by him! He does not have the Internet nor ever has, and read the same article as me, from the same magazine I purchased in a random shop only because I had a random appointment at that area of town. Same as I was at those lights so far from home, from another random appointment.

Don't believe me an the these coincidences? Here's proof.

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