Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Schmeekend

Random things I discovered on the Ipad in those spare moments on the weekend. What I actually did on the weekend was pretty cool. Starting with Friday night.

Circus, Coffee with the landlord sat morning, Catch up with a neighbor, saw a long time friend who assisted with plastering and then went fishing with another good friend and his girlfriend. Dinner with another couple that haven't been seen all year then Name-on-door at Seth Sentry's gig, ran into my bestest girlfriend and her boyfriend, had a drink with 5+ more friends, Sunday golf and lunch with an awesome couple/great friends for the first time in a while, then fishing with another two friends and now I'm writing this.

Now for the random things; I have an Ipad attached to me and latest science discoveries and documentaries at my will on foxtel to compliment the learning I hunger.

Word Of the Day: Antidisestablishmentarianism - noun -opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England.

*I had no idea it meant this. The two people I asked before reading the definition both said 'against the grain'. Pretty spot on given language evolution and the meanings/stereotypes we apply to things.

For example 100 years ago the female orgasm was a cure for 'hysteria' ailment in which it was administered frequently by GP's. Often men sent their wives to the doc for treatment. After a while the dear men clicked on that perhaps females were actually getting 'pleasure' from this similar to their ejaculation orgasms. At the same time electricity was evolving and electronic vibrating devices were invented; the economy boosting doctors visits ceased and the 'orgasm' is now a taboo subject. Secretly men put this objective of 'bad' against it due to the reason they couldn't figure out why women could have orgasms for pleasure only. (Yes they clinically studied with thousands of woman to test the theory that orgasms were needed for making babies. They weren't - hence men feel ripped off they can only achieve pleasure for the purpose of producing. Not just for pleasure. Oh aren't us woman lucky)

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