Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Understanding the B to the Becky...

An old Chinese proverb was probably INTJ-inspired: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish, and he eats for a lifetime."

INTJs learn by arguing, part of their continuing quest to understand the universe. The problem is that an INTJ's "friendly discussion" may be seen by others as hostile, even obnoxious behavior.

An INTJ's home reflects his or her current conceptual pursuits. Theoretical and practical books abound. To a casual visitor, the home may seem neat, but its more private corners reflect a series of half-started projects, collections of mementos, and an assortment of potential challenges: a guitar to be mastered, a file to be organized, a household repair to be made. Dreams and visions are the INTJ's form of relaxation. 

INTJ relationships: any relationship that's good today can be better tomorrow and both parties must be directed to constant self-improvement: learning, growing, confronting, and anything else that leads to mutual self-competency. As lovers, mates, and companions, INTJs must be ever improving. When thwarted in this quest, they can become critical and often depressed over the seeming stagnation.

Most individualistic, self-confident, pragmatic and independent of all the types. Logical, critical, decisive, determined, often stubborn. Decisions come very easy. A builder of systems and the applier of theoretical models.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Fishing - how I feel

Every time I shut my eyes I see the line on a cast out fishing rod tighten and jerk amongst the ripples. I feel tense and alert. The world around me stops. There is nothing else happening, like a freeze frame, where only the (cocktease) fish and I exist in the continuum of time.

Has he (the fish) taken a taste 3 times already? If so, I may have missed the opportune time to release more drag, providing the illusion that the delectable bait so freely provided, is that... Just free.

I aim to allow him to taste test to let him think he is testing me. No self respecting fish would run with a bait attached to anything!! My lord! No, they taste (and pressure test) all suspicious (exotic) looking food not native to their sections of the river at the current moon and seasonal influences.

Once counter tests are complete; the real mind battle (mind fuck) begins. If the tension upon reeling in is too taught, the swallowed/running in mouth bait will lunge from the mouth. While if too slack, the fish will soon catch on to the reality of their 'Suprise Snack' and spit out anything it holds, freely ale to do so with no tension.

Tension creates higher probability for the spike to catch onto the mouth as it spits bait back out, tearing through the side of the mouth, creating a beautiful display of man vs. fish pulling power to ensue.

I feel unattached, momentarily displaced, peacefully asleep to any life transformations or decisions I make and take everyday. If I want clarity, I sleep on it, if I can't wait till that night, I will try to fish. More often then not, I take a mental note, use a mental pen, and mentally scribe why I needed to escape. Then I put it on like an Americans baseball sideline bench to not let it interfere with me till required. Then on the weekend, I make time, escape, and then let all the sidelined issues have a bat and home run into retirement. By controlling and allowing how and when the obstacles affect my reactions, I balance each situation with a time of tranquil all at once on the weekend. Cue fishing

I also feel challenged by fishing because the only key to success is practice, trial and error, practice, learning from others where possible, practice. There is no rule book do's and don'ts. (I have every WA magazine subscriptions) There is shared knowledge more akin with Urban Legends, you only know once you've achieved it yourself. I went fishing, (and subsequently swimming from boredom) for 4 years without so much as a Bowie. I never knew how, only tried what I knew, but now I now, what I don't know, and that's a lot. I don't understand how it can't be perfected, figured out simpler. But rather than ponder with no progress, I take the only way possible. Start learning all I can. Then I can see if there is a simpler way to understand the knowledge in vast array.

So until that problem is solved (mastery of our closest alien Neighbour- the living of the sea) - understanding fish and fishing; I will forever find relaxation in the task of fishing, for learning is my most blessed indulgence in this life.

I feel inadequate in my ability to explain my thought process through free style writing. One thing that pisses me off is this pad auto correct. Worst ever because it's invisible!! You don't even know its change the word till you read over it again. Trying to dumb us down I see mr iPad. In fact it just pasted an entire paragraph after I typed that. Well played ye faithful portal of knowledge. I honestly believe everyone should have one. For those that seek to learn more about whatever they are interested in. Trombone Lessons, live updates, social connections to mutual enthusiasts. I even bought one last week for a Xmas present. Peace be to IPad.

Here are the latest Fishing Firsthand reports:
Mulloway - Could hear them at Narrows bridge, didn't take any live or dead bait. Saw plenty of cobler, caught a tailor and mullet (go figure) along with the few trumpeters. Blowies galore but out rigged them for the best part. No bream. Gibbons Moon, 4am till 7am Sunday 29th October.
Bream- That same day 7am - 10am Maylands Yacht Club, off the jetty. More blowies than a mandurah cinema's on a Thursday night. Old steak chops in a berley bucket distracted them like zombies to flesh. They just hovered in a trance around this rotten gift from the gods.

That's all folks.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How I feel

I was recently given a 30 day challenge to develop my weakest function of 'Feeling'. This is how I feel:

Today is my one year anniversary. Last night I got accused of cheating because my defensive attitude proved my guilt as I went to buy one of his presents. After 4 hours of emotional abuse, he finally admitted he was wrong but then ridiculed me for getting upset when he was questioning me my where abouts of two hours despite evidence I travelled to kelmscott and return with receipts for one of his present. Two LCD flatscreens for his studio. I went to sleep praying that would be the end of it.   

Today as it was our anniversary, I spent all day being nice, texting nice things, calling him and booking him for a haircut and he couldn't even say happy anniversary to me. He didn't even ask about all my medical appointments today. When I get home this afternoon he's sad and angry and won't tell me why and tells me to stick our booked dinner up my ass when I tell him he has no right to be upset if he can't explain why he's upset. We eventually get to dinner he booked and I tell him his last present he will get tomorrow, special speakers he wanted for his studio I'd arranged through his friend prior. He was speechless. But then I had to pay the $260 for the dinner he organised even though he had the money and was 'going to pay me back later' And when I ask as we're leaving if he got me anything, even a poem, as he said on the way there he had 3x surprises for me, one of them being a poem,  he gets angry at me for asking and when I quietly get upset in the restaurant about his response, he says I'm using it against him. A whole year of waiting for him to show he cares. Yet I'm sitting here crying in my room because he's yelling at me for being upset that he can't name one thing he's done today to show me that I mean anything to him except driving me in my own car to dinner. (He actually used that as evidence he made an effort) I even have my clock radio blaring to block out his yelling through the door which I've locked to avoide the torment. The insults, the name calling, the justification for his actions. Again its my fault, and I have no right to be upset so he continues to attack me. I can't do this anymore, what is wrong with me?

Monday, 15 October 2012

Coral Castle - 28655 S Dixie Hwy Homestead, FL 33033

A recent little mysterious, marvel... Must check out if your into history, and inexpiable creations..

Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida, is one of the most amazing structures ever built. In terms of accomplishment, it's been compared to Stonehenge, ancient Greek temples, and even the great pyramids of Egypt. It is amazing - some even say miraculous - because it was quarried, fashioned, transported, and constructed by one man: Edward Leedskalnin, a 5-ft. tall, 100-lb. Latvian immigrant.

Many men have single-handedly built their own homes, but Leedskalnin's choice of building materials is what makes his undertaking so incredible. He used huge blocks of coral rock, some weighing as much as 30 tons, and somehow was able to move them and set them in place without assistance or the use of modern machinery. And therein lies the mystery. How did he do it?

Edward never allowed anyone to witness the building of Coral Castle. A suspicious and private man, he worked at night by lantern, behind large walls he constructed. 

It's estimated that 1,000 tons of coral rock were used in construction of the walls and towers, and an additional 100 tons of it were carved into furniture and art objects:

   * An obelisk he raised weighs 28 tons.
   * The wall surrounding Coral Castle stands 8 ft. tall and consists of large blocks each weighing several tons.
   * Large stone crescents are perched atop 20-ft.-high walls.
   * A 9-ton swinging gate that moves at the touch of a finger guards the eastern wall.
   * The largest rock on the property weighs an estimated 35 tons.
   * Some stones are twice the weight of the largest blocks in the Great Pyramid at Giza.
funny theories!!!

# One story  says that some curious neighbors did see how Leedskalnin moved the stones. They say he placed his hands on the stone to be lifted... and sang. Somehow this levitated the great rocks.
# According to an article in Fate magazine, "some teenagers spying on him one evening claimed they saw him 'float coral blocks through the air like hydrogen balloons,' but no one took them seriously."
# Frank Joseph, in the Fate magazine article, also writes, "Alternative science investigators suggest that Leedskalnin somehow learned the secret of the 'world grid,' an invisible pattern of energy lines surrounding the Earth which concentrates points of telluric power where they intersect. It was here, at one of these intersections of Earth energy, that he was supposedly able to move his prodigious stone blocks using the unseen power of our planet." Yet that still does no explain how Leedskalnin was able to tap this power, and others cannot.
# Coral Castle quotes J. Cathie, a captain flying with National Airways Corp. of New Zealand, as saying: "Measurements from the Coral Castle position to the zero-degree and 90-degree longitude lines, when they passed through the equator, also yielded harmonics related to light and gravity. The final check of the distance between Coral Castle and grid pole A in the north, dispelled any doubt about the site being in an ideal position to allow Leedskalnin to erect the huge blocks of coral with relative ease. Measurements from all major points gave the geometric harmonics necessary for the manipulation of anti-gravity." Cathie also believes that this energy grid is also responsible for many UFO sightings.

I found this again thanks to the awesome review directory - Yelp - Get the app

What's even more interesting is that when I was getting ready to post this blog, I used Google street view to get a better understanding of it. It appears the surrounding underground area is being investigated with half the side of two roads totally blocked off from the public. This brings me to believe that the castle itself is a decoy to the power this man was really working on. Especially given it is on the earths energy grid making anti-gravity manipulation possible.  See for yourself:

Monday, 8 October 2012

Weekend Schmeekend

Random things I discovered on the Ipad in those spare moments on the weekend. What I actually did on the weekend was pretty cool. Starting with Friday night.

Circus, Coffee with the landlord sat morning, Catch up with a neighbor, saw a long time friend who assisted with plastering and then went fishing with another good friend and his girlfriend. Dinner with another couple that haven't been seen all year then Name-on-door at Seth Sentry's gig, ran into my bestest girlfriend and her boyfriend, had a drink with 5+ more friends, Sunday golf and lunch with an awesome couple/great friends for the first time in a while, then fishing with another two friends and now I'm writing this.

Now for the random things; I have an Ipad attached to me and latest science discoveries and documentaries at my will on foxtel to compliment the learning I hunger.

Word Of the Day: Antidisestablishmentarianism - noun -opposition to the withdrawal of state support or recognition from an established church, especially the Anglican Church in 19th-century England.

*I had no idea it meant this. The two people I asked before reading the definition both said 'against the grain'. Pretty spot on given language evolution and the meanings/stereotypes we apply to things.

For example 100 years ago the female orgasm was a cure for 'hysteria' ailment in which it was administered frequently by GP's. Often men sent their wives to the doc for treatment. After a while the dear men clicked on that perhaps females were actually getting 'pleasure' from this similar to their ejaculation orgasms. At the same time electricity was evolving and electronic vibrating devices were invented; the economy boosting doctors visits ceased and the 'orgasm' is now a taboo subject. Secretly men put this objective of 'bad' against it due to the reason they couldn't figure out why women could have orgasms for pleasure only. (Yes they clinically studied with thousands of woman to test the theory that orgasms were needed for making babies. They weren't - hence men feel ripped off they can only achieve pleasure for the purpose of producing. Not just for pleasure. Oh aren't us woman lucky)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

INTJ Quotes from Famous Mouths

Quotes from famous INTJ's.

Isaac Newton - Physicist: "I can calculate the motion of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people."

Karl Marx Philosopher: "Philosophy is to science as masturbation is to sex."

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook: "We're going to change the world."

Bobby Fischer Chess champion [On why he quit school at 16:]
Fischer: "You have to mix with all those stupid kids. And the teachers are even stupider than the kids.".   *I also left school at 16.

Isaac Asimov Science fiction writer: "Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do."

Nikola Tesla Inventor : "The progressive development of man [has as its] ultimate purpose the complete mastery of mind over the material world."

Paul Krugman Economist: "Coming up with a good idea, with an insight into the way the world works that is really new and that you really believe in, is a deeply satisfying experience."

Jane Austen Author of 'Pride And Prejudice' [Referring to the Napoleonic Wars:] Austen: "How horrible it is to have so many people killed! And what a blessing that one cares for none of them!"

Stephen Hawking Physicist: "My goal is simple. It is a complete understanding of the universe."

Jodie Foster Actress: "I want to change the system from within the system. And that means focusing and specializing."

Lone Frank Science writer: "A girlfriend called me 'brutally honest'. A judgment that made me feel all warm inside and happy with myself until she put her hands on her hips and shouted: 'It's cruel! Don't you understand that people despise honesty?'" *This totally makes sense now

I am super happy to finally realise why people say I have the same face all the time!!