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Discovering I

So a bit of self awareness of late. Under estimated the amazing insight and opportunity this allows for my personal growth and development at first. Below is an explanation on the psychological breakdown followed by some funny but true traits I posses being an INTJ - a rare female at that. I finally feel like I have a purpose I can understand. No more being a weird loser in the way my brain works. Yeh it's been pretty life changing.. Enjoy..

*Why it’s important to learn about MBTI*
We are all born unaware (unconscious), and life is a process of becoming aware (conscious). The goal of type development is to move our awareness of our functions from the unconscious to the conscious. Once we recognize each function, we can develop the skills related to the function, learn to trust it, and ultimately become comfortable with it.

Any aspect of a function that is not available to the conscious part of our psyche still works for us, but it works unconsciously. Unconscious aspects of functions influence how we think, act, process information, make decisions, and experience emotions. It is just that the conscious part of our psyche isn’t aware of this, and we may not understand why we are experiencing what we are experiencing. It often feels as though we are “out of control,” and from a conscious viewpoint, we are.

The purpose of development is to be as conscious as we can be of all aspects of ourselves so that there is less chance of the unconscious taking over the psyche. Generally, when unconscious functions take over the psyche, we don’t like the results. The more conscious we are of our functions, the more choices we have available to us.

So about me - the INTJ. Making up only 1% of the population & defying odds at 1 in 4 being female.

What are dead giveaways in INTJ girls?

-she is not the most emotionally expressive woman even when she is feeling emotions very strong
-she can understand how men think better than most women
-she can sometimes come across as intimidating because of her intelligence or insanity
-she is more eccentric than most women
-she does not like to go out in public very often
-she is fiercely independent
-she would rather get to the point than blow fluff up somebody's ass

- We might initially appear extremely friendly, outgoing, and talkative yet mysteriously doesn't seem to have many friends
-Spends a lot of time by ourselves but doesn't seem to care
-We will be very opinionated, but will always have a reason to back our claim up.
-Appears very bored/uncomfortable as soon as people start discussing emotions, "touchy-feely" things, but will suddenly become very animated and talkative when something more interesting pops up, like physics for example.
-May be friendly to you but will maintain emotional distance from you a lot longer than may be "normal"
- We spend a lot of our time studying/working
- Uncomfortable in most social situations and would rather be home looking up stuff on the internet or reading a book.
- Very aloof, reserved and "cold" because we're always inside our head.
- Identify with men far more than with understanding woman. We don't like talking about emotions.
- Extremely blunt. Hates anyone who has too much fluff.
- Almost incapable of small talk. We just don't care about the weather or if your child said his/her first word over the weekend.
- Will go on for hours with another NT about theories going on inside of our head. Aliens? Sure why not!
- On that same topic, our attention span is horrible with most people. Usually We don't give a shit what others have to say because it's boring and the ideas in my head are more interesting that what they have to say.
- Basically, an INTJ woman is rarely seen because we don't like being social and may seem emotionless but we're only this way in either public situations or people who are incompetent. I do show emotion to my dogs though because they love me.
- Really evasive if you seem to be trying to approach us. If Wesee you coming, We're going to try our best to avoid you. If you actually manage to catch us, We'll probably mysteriously don a friendly yet oblivious facade and act like we totally didn't notice you were trying to talk to us.

Thanks to the not so lazy members at who typed up the hard work for me.

Want to find out what you are?

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