Sunday, 26 August 2012

Positive vs. Negative thinking (conscious choice)

I believe that by being a positive person, in every aspect, every interaction, will breathe positivity into situations that would continue to stay negative if only met with negative energy.

Some people are accusing me of creating negativity from being positive. I don't see the logic in this. Yes positive equals a negative in a science terms, but in an emotional term, meeting a negative situation with positivity will bring a more likely positive outcome than if met with negative.

Emotional equation:

- Negative person/situation + negative/situation = total negative outcome.
- Positive person/situation + negative positive/situation = a more positive outcome. -

The world breeds success from thinking positive, not negative. Thinking negative can not make people have families, have jobs, stay alive. Thinking positively can allow all that to happen. So how can people think otherwise? I don't understand.


  1. Without negativity there is no positive! Sure a posite person in a negative situation has a better chance of coming out positive but only if they are impervious to reality which is ever action has a opposite or equal reaction....... I'm not saying positivity breeds negativity I'm saying without the negative there is no positive to reach and vice versa!! If you put positive energy into a negative person the realistic prospect is the negative takes part of the positive and vica versa

  2. No, the realistic prospect is the negative person see's the light and decides to actively think positively.

    1. Yeah at a cost to the positive persons energy ..... Nothing for nothing..... You get what you give ...... Doesn't mean giving positive will return positive..... Fundamentally that can't happen ..... After all hitler killed himself..... That's a positive.... So did that undo all the negative he did ..... NO

  3. That analogy has ZERO relation to the discussion. Perhaps if a positive person influence hitler with positive views he may have not have been negative to himself. But he wasn't negative to himself so therefore has no correlation whatsoever to this post.

  4. I'm afraid the only one here with no grasp on the situation is you!!!!! You can't see outside your square and the fact that my opinion is a negative in your eyes positively re-enforces my views to be correct thus proving my point with out positive there is no negative and vice versa ...... Thankyou it's humbling to know that even someone so intelligent can be easily proved wrong

  5. I never said you don't have a grasp on the situation? I never said your opinion is negative? I simplt said that I live my life thinking positively and you disagreed in my way of living.. Which is fine. But you know I don't have people that dont think positively in my life. So it's come as a surprise to me that you are one of those people.