Sunday, 26 August 2012

Understanding the logic

Recently one evening:

After a debated discussion it was overheard that 'they' were always a positive person until they met 'them'. Upon meeting 'them' their life became negative. It is ironic & perhaps imcorrect considering the equivalent comparison is a homeless; mental (from non natural causes) person meeting someone and becoming sane, employed, engaged in society, housed, fed, earning a substantial income and achieving goals such as a car and connections with family again. (and acticely turning dreams into a reality)..

The logic of how 'they' have become more negative than before they met 'them' is beyond logical understanding.

My question in order to offer 'them' advice, is simply this: is this situation/attitude normal? For 'them' to be treated this way? To try to comprehend that what they thought was being helpful was actually in fact more detrimental by causing the other party to be 'more negative' as directly stated? Is this something a positive person should persist with after being informed that their positivity created negativity anyway therfore making no point to entertain the action to persist. I can understand why they are confused as it has confused me also.. 

Positive vs. Negative thinking (conscious choice)

I believe that by being a positive person, in every aspect, every interaction, will breathe positivity into situations that would continue to stay negative if only met with negative energy.

Some people are accusing me of creating negativity from being positive. I don't see the logic in this. Yes positive equals a negative in a science terms, but in an emotional term, meeting a negative situation with positivity will bring a more likely positive outcome than if met with negative.

Emotional equation:

- Negative person/situation + negative/situation = total negative outcome.
- Positive person/situation + negative positive/situation = a more positive outcome. -

The world breeds success from thinking positive, not negative. Thinking negative can not make people have families, have jobs, stay alive. Thinking positively can allow all that to happen. So how can people think otherwise? I don't understand.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Back to the Point

Since I was 20 I've been writing blogs. What originally started out as a therapy tool for a pretty big change in my life to pull me back from the depths of alcohol, turned into an annual birthday new blog. 

I turned twenty four just over 3 months ago. I've finally just created this blog. My life is too distracting to my own help right now. It seems to be ever increasing on responsibilities of my being, so I figured I best start one now before I am too far gone and busy to even remember it! Or before the zombie apocalypse 
 approaches the most isolated city in the world.

Since I've always wanted to do one of those 30 day challenges and I'm one to forget to regularly blog, I figured this would be a prime opportunity to achieve that goal & implement it into my strategy for 'breaking the habit' of none blogging.

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

If I can't touch my belly button when strapped into a roller coaster, I won't go on. I can overcome my minds anxiety but not this particular quirk.

I learnt how to surf during a year at a boarding school. Haven't done it since but my last memory was standing. Really had a cup of tea with the universe.

I can not stand the texture and therefore do not eat Pineapple, Passion-fruit or Pavlova.

I have introduced 9 couples in the past 9 years. 4 are now married and there is 4 children currently with a 5th due anyday. I like to bring good souls together. 

I have a morts foot (Second toe longer than the big toe)

I love wearing hats.

I, apparently make the best fish pie.

I've been "landlord" for more than 32 house mates.

I've lost/am owed about $7k from a select few of aforementioned tenants.

I've dated a bank robber. No it wasn't as exciting as one would expect. 

I am certified in Blackberry & Microsoft support & Google accredited.

I only wear high heels. Even my pumps. (flats hurt my feet)

Fishing is my number one hobbie. Relaxation after work - nothing beats it!

I can skin a kangaroo with a rock.